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Assisting aviation maintenance technicians improve their careers by finding career advancement opportunities.


Provide opportunities for aviation maintenance technicians and aviation companies to find each other through online and offline events, networks, and dialogues.


Providing you the best advice and solutions to solve your aviation workforce, training, and educational issues.


Providing you training solutions from face to face, to online, to virtual reality.


Creating win-win-win partnerships between schools, industry, and organizations.

There is a shortage now and will continue to get worse says the experts


There is a world demand of 769,000 new technicians needed over the next 20 years.



Airbus estimates that the commercial fleet will require 630,000 new technicians by 2037.



A scarcity of technicians trained to service both the older and newer model aircraft will put pressure on payrolls over the next decade. As we reported last year, the retirement of baby boomer mechanics and the lack of interest in the job among millennials will produce a shortfall in the United States by 2022, with a nine percent gap projected between the supply of aircraft technicians and the demand for them by 2027.



Mechanics continue to retire faster than they are being replaced. ATEC’s model projects that the mechanic population will decrease 5% in the next 15 years. New entrants make up 2% of the population annually, while 30% of the workforce is at or near retirement age. The average age of a mechanic is 51. More than a quarter are older than 64 years.



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