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Feasibility Study

Is it the right time to start an aviation training program?  Is there demand for graduates in your area? Are there companies to support your program?  Let us partner with you and find the answer to these any many other questions.

School Launch

So it has been determined that you need a aviation training program in your area.  What do you do first?  Second? Third?  Who needs to be involved? Who will handle the mountain of paperwork?  Let us partner with you and go from 0 to to full operation.

School Refresh

Your school getting a little behind in meeting the new requirements and standards?  Equipment, curriculum, projects dated?  Not meeting local industry needs?  Let us partner with you and modernize your school.

Need technicians

Are you one of the thousands looking for skilled technicans? Can't meet your recruitment goals? Can't find qualifed or experienced technicans?  Let us partner with you to develop a strategy to recruit your needed talent and retain the ones that you have.

Subject Matter Experts 
It Matters

Partner with a company comprised of aviation workforce subject matter experts who have been on all sides of the equation.  Whether it is from the school side or industry side, we have you covered.  To properly develop a comprehensive strategy, you need a team that has expereince from all perspectives.

is changing

Let us partner with you and meet the workforce challenges that you are having. Whether if it is reseach, comprehensive studies, training, recruitment, or retention, we are here to come along side you and overcome your challenges.  We operate well within the world of FAA Part 65, FAA Part 121, FAA Part 135, FAA Part 141, FAA Part 145, and FAA Part 147.

Times are Changing

Doing the same thing that you did in the past and expect to get different results is a sign that you need a Subject Matter Expert on your team.  Aviation Workforce Solutions will bring fresh ideas, quick responses, and deliver results.  It is time to change.  Let us be there with you to make the change happen in a way that makes you a winner today and tomorrow.  Whether you are an aviation company, school, school district, university, city, county, or state, we are capable of meeting your needs. 

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 Recent News

Boeing: There is a world demand of 769,000 new technicians needed over the next 20 years.

Airbus: Airbus estimates that the commercial fleet will require 630,000 new technicians by 2037.

ATEC: Mechanics continue to retire faster than they are being replaced. ATEC’s model projects that the mechanic population will decrease 5% in the next 15 years.

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